About Peli Bar(Peli Bar(Ramin Logistics))

Ramin international transportation logistics company since 2014 with experienced and skilled in the field of Transport Ltd is an international innovator in services

Peli Bar(Ramin Logistics) company dedicated to promoting prosperity provides regular service to our customers his has announced . The company has headquarters in Turkey and specialized agencies In all parts of the world that utilizes the latest information and equipment We accelerate their customer service and satisfaction.

 The company has good and experienced drivers and 450 trucks with enough information about transportation Land cargo and heavy cargo shipments from Europe and vice versa OPEN TIR Asia (TURKEY.ITALY.GERMANY, etc.) has announced its readiness.

Import and export fur skins loads and loads and loads of stone to Europe and Central Asia exhibition in (groupage) pallet truck. OPEN TIR of safety and quality 

Jumbo Bag and loads of ice SHIPPING . BY AIR.REILTerrestrial. Europe and Central Asia, including (in Italy. TURKEY.GERMANY.Ukrayn .NETHERLANDS.)

Ramin international transportation logistics company with more than half a century of experience in international transport is proud to offer the following services

Ground: Peli Bar(Ramin Logistics) has branches and offices in Europe and Asia and a full-service land and (in time) from around the world, offers its customers.

Sea: combined loads LCL, FCL with a unique service offering regular service everywhere in the world and is the official representative of IRISL

Air: The company with the Convention on International Civil Aviation IATA cargo import and export services has to be global and international lines IATA membership for fast and gives you confidence
Customs Service: The company has managed a wide range of logistics services in domestic and foreign customers with satisfaction and comfort Import and export to allocate a special place

Rail: One method of transportation is directed on the floor Getting Islamic Republic of Iran on trains designed iron

Heavy: The company specializes in transportation for cargo traffic  heavy CIS to Iran world gravitated to his name

in time: the company has been able to import and export of cargo in Barshma in the shortest possible time and with affordable rates load The company has a dedicated office and proprietary stores and dealers in your desired location to deliver.
dangerous goods: the so-called international number CN NUMBER UNID or dangerous goods that have been prepared by the United Nations Committee on Transport and has been used in international trade.

.9- carrying transit goods

10-loads open Tir

11-CMR Convention

Other services and services the company can offer the most appropriate transport route timely notification to the inspection and continuous service pack Products in matters relating to insurance and the product's issuance and prospect of becoming a global brand in global markets

You import and export cargo in the shortest time possible and the best prices and offers reasonable rates for carrier Forwarder according to the standards of Europe and the International Bill of Lading FBL insurance contract offer

Your loved ones who tend to use transport services Ramin international company in the field of logistics, you can request your Mail and import and export activities once you start to write.